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Chairman's Message:
M.Vijaya  kumar Reddy
The IMPERIAL COLLEGE OF BUSINESS STUDIES is providing you an excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge and understand of the business and its environment as well as to strengthen your managerial skills . On completion you will be able to prove successfully as  a skilled knowledgeable professional  into the upper echelons of the corporate sector. This  institution constantly upgrades the programs to cater the emerging international requirements  of sophisticated high skill management education of  today .The teaching
philosophy believes that performances of students are expected to shoulder corporate vistas interwined in the learning process for a successful career in the ever changing corporate business environment.
The dawn of the presents century has heralded many challenges to the   global business and has greatly impacted the way in which the business organizations need to perform . World economies have moved into a  complex milieu and observers forecast that a skilled and highly resilient work force is the key to success and survival and meet the challenges. The object of our B school is to edify young management aspirants to meet the challenges posed by the highly versatile business environment . we provide a combination of qualitative class room lectures and practical industry interface the interactive professional experience it is hoped will significantly  enrich the students and sharpen their skills .The program is oriented to mould the  students to acquire professional skills to manage an organization as also hone their abilities to serve the society at large.

Our students are guided to link evaluate analyze and develop multiple solutions to business problems . The ICBS Business School is building up a good academic – industry relationship which will be channelled to fetch closer  interaction of students with the real world.
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